Basics Yoga

For Beginners and up. These classes are designed to introduce new and continuing students to the foundations of alignment, breathwork, primary poses, sequences and variations in a safe and supportive environment. An important step in beginning your Yoga practice or for the student who has practiced yoga before and wants to maintain a strong foundation to build on their yoga practice.

Intro To Yoga - Foundations

Perfect for students who have never practiced yoga before, who are returning to yoga after a break, or regular practitioners looking to brush up on their fundamentals.


A 45-minute class where you will work on basic poses and their general form, alignment, and energetics and build a strong foundation for your yoga practice.

All Levels Yoga

Students of all levels are invited to join these classes, including new students! New students will develop body awareness, posture alignment and core strength in basic poses, while experienced students are encouraged to explore advanced variations in familiar postures. Everyone works to his or her own ability and comfort level. You can take this practice where you need to in order to grow on your own personal journey.

Level 1/2 Yoga

A challenging class for students familiar with basic yoga vocabulary or in good physical condition and interested in developing their practice. Building on the foundation of Basics classes, Level 1-2 includes more postures for the advanced beginner and some preparations for a Level 2 practice. Level 1-2 classes typically emphasize building strength and endurance in postures, refining alignment, and working with more challenging variations on basic postures. Level 1-2 is designed for continuing students who have taken Basics classes and who are familiar with basic standing and seated poses. Students are encouraged to work at their own pace, but should expect sun salutations, standing poses, inversions, and a strong focus on physical alignment. Level 1-2 is not intended for students who are new to yoga.

Yoga Express

Yoga Express is a 45-minute class that is developed with you and your busy life in mind. Time is precious. We often feel there just aren’t enough hours in the day to fit it all in. You’ve been meaning to get to a yoga class but with your already packed schedule, it just feels impossible. This is the perfect solution for you. A dynamic practice that focuses on building strength, improving flexibility, and leaving you feeling mentally and physically refreshed. This class is open to all levels from complete beginners to the more advanced.

Pilates Sculpt

A mat Pilates class for all levels. Strengthen and stabilize your core from which all yoga poses originate. A great way to return to exercising if you've been less active.

Gentle Yoga

A slower-paced softer class. All levels welcome.

Restorative Yoga

Rejuvenating poses which deepen your connection with your body’s healing properties. The "dessert course" of yoga. Move stagnant energy in your body without exerting yourself and leave feeling renewed and refreshed. Great for all levels.

Yoga Therapeutics

A therapeutic class using biomechanics, kinesiology and Anusara principles to assist student with limited mobility and flexibility due to injury, trauma, joint replacement, spinal fusion and such illness as MS, fibromyalgia, cancer, Parkinsons.

Baby & Me Yoga

Parents & babies share a yoga experience in a playful, supportive environment. For infants and crawlers aged 2 months to toddling.

Kids Yoga

Stretch, strengthen and improve coordination and posture in a nurturing, fun, non-competitive environment. A great counter balance to our kids' demanding lives. Two different age groups: 4-7 and 8-12 years.

$5 Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana, or Insight Meditation, quieting the mind and body in order to allow a direct experience of the present moment to be known.

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