Class Etiquette

At MSY our intention is to provide a supportive, stress free environment to assist in the exploration of yoga. To help us create this space, please consider the following:


Remove your shoes as soon as you enter. This keeps our floors clean and also marks the shift from the outer world of our daily lives to the inner world of yoga. Place your shoes under the bench in the lobby.


Arrive on time. Arriving a little early before class gives you time to stretch, enjoy a cup of tea, meditate and simply ground yourself. If you do arrive late, please let someone at the desk help you get into class and enter quietly, unfolding your mat and quieting noisy keys before you enter.  Look to the teacher who will help you find a space.  If you arrive more than ten minutes late, we may suggest that you take the next class.


Practice on an empty stomach. Refrain from eating up to 3 hours before you practice.  A light snack is fine, but an empty stomach will allow your body to feel lighter and practice the asana from a place of clarity.  If you need to drink water during class, take only small sips and keep the bottle in a cubbie off the floor.


Please scan-in at the desk. This is one aspect of our tracking process and your cooperation is appreciated.

Keep voices low in the lobby area when classes are in session.


Please refrain from wearing perfume, cologne or heavily scented lotions to class. Many people have sensitivities to fragrance.


Turn off all phones before you walk into the studio. Please refrain from texting in class at all times, no exceptions! If you need to make a call or text, please step outside.

Inform the teacher about any injuries or special conditions. We’re here to help. The only way we can assist you with modifications during poses is if we are aware of your personal history. 


Be generous with your space to accommodate others and please help your fellow students to feel welcomed to our studio by making space when the room is crowded. Remember, one day you will probably be the one looking for a space in the room!


Respect the effort you've taken to create this space and time. Your mat is a mobile space that marks out a certain activity and a certain commitment. It is your sacred space, if you will. Respect this and don't walk on other people's mats. 


If you need to leave early please let the teacher know and find a space close to the door to allow for a quiet exit.  It’s also good to take savasana before you go as well.


Be tidy. Clean up when you are done. If you have used any props, please return them the way you found them, or even tidier.


Be mindful during cold and flu season not to spread anything to your fellow Yogis. Do not come to class if you are ill with something contagious. Your practice will be there once you are feeling better, or you can always unroll your mat at home.


Attend the level of class recommended. Honor your body. Be patient and consistent with your practice and give your body time to process the principles of alignment. This approach lowers your risk of injury and allows you to explore yoga from a pure place.  Always work at your own pace and listen to your body. Your body will communicate with you if you listen… and part of your yoga practice, your truth, or satya, is paying attention and doing what is right and true for you on a given day.  Let go of ego, of personal expectation and of competition… and just be. Your body and spirit will thank you. 


If you are new to yoga, our Basics classes are designed to teach you alignment and breathing techniques. Consider enrolling for the next 2.5 hour workshop of our                            which will give you a firm foundation on which your practice can flourish. We also have Intro To Yoga classes that will help you work on building a strong basis for your practice. (Check the schedule for class times). If you feel you’ve advanced beyond Basics, check in with your teacher and see if you’re ready to progress to another class.

Enjoy your class…carry your yoga practice with you always. Namaste

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