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We are a group of modern Yogis with homes, kids, pets and partners, committed to creating balance, calm and happiness in every day life. As the chaos and joy of the modern world swirls around us, we practice and teach Yoga to help us create a sense of empowerment and peace in our bodies, minds and hearts.


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Consider any of our autopays, series, and prepay packages. We have a variety of affordable options to suit everyone's needs.

Our Classes

Each class is an authentic offering of our highly trained and credentialed instructors. Our classesare for the beginner or the advanced practitioner and are designed to engage students at every level. They will awaken your inner awareness, strengthen your body and calm your mind.



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Offer valid for NEW STUDENTS ONLY.
1 class per day restriction.
Must be local resident.

Our Instructors

All of our teachers are highly trained and credentialed in Yoga and as diversified as the practice of Yoga itself. They continuously study Yoga above and beyond their certifications and are happy to share their love of Yoga with you.




10% discount on the first series or prepay package (excluding autopays) if purchased WITHIN the first free week​ or contact us for our current New Student promos.
​Why Yoga?

Yoga is a complete form of exercise that strengthens your entire body, improves your flexibility, develops balance, improves circulation, and reduces stress. An excellent complement to any athletic sport, yoga helps to prevent injuries and establish greater stability and range of motion. Yoga calms the mind, improves concentration, steadies the emotions, and opens the heart to feeling fully alive.

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